Upon the relaunch of the iconic AQUADIVE brand in the Fall of 2011, our main goals were to produce high-end wrist watches that represent the best value and quality in the industry, and to offer great customer satisfaction in the process. So we obviously chose to incorporate some modern and innovative German technology into our new line of watches, but on the same token also respect and honor the legacy of our original vintage watches by remaining true to their handmade Swiss craftsmanship.

Since AQUADIVE's relaunch in 2011, we have reached record heights with the brand. And now, we've reached record lows. When our engineers designed the new Bathyscaphe 300, they designed it to withstand its rated depth of 3,000m/9,900ft, and even beyond. Last year in Germany, we had the Bathyscaphe 300 pressure tested in a lab at a simulated depth of 3,000m/9,900ft, and it easily passed. So this year we decided to take it a step further and do what very few watch companies are even capable of, which is actually testing the watch on the ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico at depths where only a select few legendary and famous dive watches have ever been.

Since June of this year, National Geographic has been sponsoring the 211-foot Exploration Vessel NAUTILUS as it undergoes a six month scientific and archeological exploration of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. The exploration is led by world renowned scientist and explorer Dr. Robert Ballard of TITANIC fame. The Principal Investigator on this historic exploration is Fritz Hanselmann. Fritz also happens to be a Chief Underwater Archeologist and Dive Training Officer at Texas State University, as well as a proud AQUADIVE owner and supporter who has traveled and dived all over the world. Last year while wearing his trusty AQUADIVE Bathyscaphe 300, Fritz led an exploration in the Chagres River in Panama and discovered ancient shipwrecks believed to have been from the lost fleet of Captain Henry Morgan.

And on July 24th, 2013 while aboard the state of the art Exploration Vessel NAUTILUS off the coast of Texas, Fritz bravely and confidently strapped his Bathyscaphe 300 to the tethered ROV submersible Hercules before it was cast off into the unexplored depths. Fritz's Bathyscaphe 100 was taken down to a depth of 1,390m/4,580ft for a 15 hour dive during a mapping expedition of the deepest shipwreck excavation ever accomplished in North America. And as expected, his AQUADIVE Bathyscaphe 100 performed flawlessly during that lengthy time span and made Fritz a very proud owner! As of this writing, Fritz's trusty Bathyscaphe 100 is currently back on his wrist while the NAUTILUS sails the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea during the next four months in search of even more undiscovered ancient shipwrecks.

Obviously the fact that AQUADIVE designed a dive a watch to be able to reach such great depths, goes far beyond the practical needs of recreational divers. But the complicated engineering and finely executed craftsmanship needed to produce such a capable dive watch, is so exceptional that it makes it a true value and a mechanical wonder to behold. And it also offers our customers precision, durability, and longevity built into each and every AQUADIVE watch.

The results of our new achievement and commitment to value and quality clearly show in the craftsmanship of our fine Swiss watches, and also in the praise from our worldwide customers and reviewers. You can read more about Fritz Hanselmann and the NAUTILUS at the links below.

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